The Valenti Project

“Lets face it — no one plays or ever played that instrument any better. He, surely as much as Wanda Landowska, made the once obtuse — and we thought obsolete — harpsichord a popular instrument.”
New York Daily News

Mr. Valenti played with assurance, with technical expertise and with a romantic ardor that belied the reputation of the harpsichord as a whispering collection of wires and bones.”
N.Y. Times

Fernando Valenti 1928-1990


The Bach Partitas

Announcing a 2-volume set of harpsichord music never before released. Fernando Valenti recorded the Bach Partitas before his death in 1980. The Partitas are now available in a limited edition.

Please email Barbara directly to purchase the two CD’s (Partitas 1-6 ) for $25.00 plus $5.00 S&H domestic. S&H will have to be separately calculated for international purchases.

Good news! If you’d like to purchase sets of 10, a 40% discount is offered! The price is $150.00 ($15.00 per set) + $15.00S&H.