“A musician’s dream! ... the young, talented virtuoso has a thorough mastery of several genres...perfect playing...whetted the appetite for more.”

News Herald


“...pleasing, tactile diversions realized with humor...a smooth linear performance that mingled with majesty and introspection.”

New York Times


“...not a stuffed shirt like the others...master artist...”

Metropolis, Sao Paulo, Brazil


“…the concerto (at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center) was enthusiastic and persuasive.She displayed a sense of line that is missing from all too many harpsichord performances these days.”

Soho News, New York


“Barbara Cadranel played aggressively with complete command of the instrument’s communicative possibilities.She covered a wide range of harpsichord tonal effects, fanfare-like rhythms, thundering octaves, passionate climaxes, along with gentle sounds and colorful embellishments.”

Press Democrat, Santa Rosa, CA


“Cadranel played Scarlatti sonatas, tossing them off flamboyantly...”
(Hot Harpsichord Festival, Westwood, Los Angeles, CA)

Los Angeles Times



WKCR-FM (Columbia University, New York)


“Gran Artista”

Alicia de Larrocha


“Your enthusiasm for the gorgeous music of the harpsichord ignites attention.People are swept away!”

William F. Buckley, Jr.


“...the most exciting evening of my life. When is the next concert? I want to hear you play every night.”

A “fan” of The Hot Harpsichord Festival, Los Angeles


“...Tocas con FUEGO!”

Joaquin Rodrigo


“...the most gifted of the younger generation of American harpsichordists.”

Fernando Valenti